The Frozen Calm Before the Storm

I know we can’t complain too much because we’ve had a really mild winter so far – but it’s cold today. The high is above 0 but just barely. So here we are on a Sunday morning stuck inside and trying to find ways to entertain the kids (and ourselves). We’ve done the board games already and I’m sure it will be movie time later but neither help to burn off all of that little kid craziness. So it’s bounce house time. Of all of the ridiculous toys our kids own this is probably the most ridiculous. It’s certainly the largest! But it’s actually the second one we’ve had. The first was a Craig’s List score and worth every penny. So when it finally got too leaky to hold enough air anymore we bought a replacement brand new.

The kids do the normal bounce house jumping around but their (and our) favorite activity is to take some soft balls and engage in a dodge ball like game. Here are a few pics of the game in action. So although it’s freezing and calm outside there’s a hailstorm of small balls raging in our playroom this morning. Hopefully this will buy some afternoon quiet time…


2 Responses to “The Frozen Calm Before the Storm”

  1. Laura Clark Says:

    Seems like a visit to AZ would have been a better idea.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Looks like fun!! Live Nate’s choice for a freezing cold day, shorts and a hoodie! 😍

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